Only Her Heart (Coming This Summer)



In part 2 of The Jaded Hearts Club series, Jade is trying to rebuild herlife after a series of misfortunate events. The question she needs to figure out is? What does she want her life to become?

Excerpt from Only Her Heart

Feeling too emotional for my own good, I was overly sensitive to the chemistry between us. Yes, I knew that we would not work out. No, that didn’t change the way I felt around him. The way he made me feel. If I never met another man to make me feel this way, I wouldn’t be upset. There is nothing worse than for a control freak to be around someone who diluted their control.nastygal12


Stretching my legs out, Julian lifted his head to gaze at me in apprehension, waiting for my next move. God, I was so weak for this man. I should tell him to leave, but I just can’t freakin’ do it!

Instead, I laid down and curled up as close to him as I could. Facing him, I continued to trace his face as he just looked at me with a vulnerability I had never seen from him before, not even after our incident. I closed my eyes when I started to feel the lump in my throat growing. This was silly and depressing all at the same time, lying here like two love sick teenagers. Neither one of us able to talk about the fact that it was over.

“Now why are you crying?” Julian’s voice finally broke the silence between us. With my eyes still closed, like a big baby, I cleared my throat to answer him.

“Because. I don’t know.” My words came out in a whiny voice that I didn’t even know I possessed, and I heard him chuckle softly as he wiped my tear so

aked cheeks. I felt the bed move as he eased closer to me.

“I don’t like it. What can I do to make it better?” His voice sent shivers down my spine as he kissed my cheek. I blinked my eyes open, to clear out the tears and looked at him when I said in all honesty, “I don’t know.”3757_514799041878079_262348436_n (1)

Julian’s expression turned serious again and he leaned closer, tipping my chin upwards as he kissed me. It was a soft, gentlekiss that somehow seemed to make me even sadder than I was before.
“Please don’t cry, Please don’t cry. It’s ok. You’ll be ok, and I’ll be fine. You’ll see.” His words were a soft whisper against my lips.

Here’s a peek at the Only Her Heart plalist!


5 thoughts on “Only Her Heart (Coming This Summer)

  1. Can hardly wait for the release of this book. I just finished Jaded Hearts I must know what happens. I have sinking feelings about John I hope I’m wrong!

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