Drew “The Bro”

Drew, Drew, Drew!drew

Drew is Jade’s younger brother, but with his own infinite wisdom, sometimes he seems like her older bro. He’s charming, funny, smart, and never let’s her down. Drew tells Jade like it is, and puts her on the spot, forcing her to face her demons.

“You know, crazy people tend to talk to themselves.” Drew walked up and took the drink out of my hand as if I had just made it for him. I just shook my head.

“I’m gonna kill Jackie. How could she not give me a heads up about Edward?” I was riled up.

“Who is Edward?”

“He is freaking Julian’s Uncle.” I sputtered

“Who is freaking Julian?” Drew was not following.

I gave him a shamefaced look and long sigh.tumblr_lu4bzybQUa1qj1zrlo1_400

He looked at me like a brother who was enjoying his sister finally being the one in a mess.

“Don’t do that.” I snipped.

“Do what?” He asked.

“Don’t judge me.” I used his other favorite line on him and he laughed.

“Damn, Baby girl. I need details before I can do that. You know the rules.”JHH Contender 1

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