How hot is Julian?

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Julian motioned me to the dance floor and mouthed ‘come’.

I hesitated, but being full of champagne and less conviction, I went to him. We met at the edge of the dance floor and pulled me close to him. No, he did not dance with her like this. He gave me a strange look as he maneuvered me to the center of the dance floor.
“You smell, exotic.” His words close to my ears.
“Thank you.” I responded. “I suppose that’s a step up from ‘can I fuck you’.”
I couldn’t help my sarcasm. He grinned and tilted his head in mock contemplation.
“I suppose your right, but you’re not faulting me for my honesty, are you? I thought that’s what women were crying for nowadays. I guess you can’t win for losing, even though I don’t tend to fall on the side of losing.” He joked.
He dipped me at that point. I eyed him warily.
“So, it’s not impossible then?” I quipped.
He looked confused.
“What’s not impossible?” He twirled me slowly.
“That you lose. It is possible.” I clarified.
He laughed and then roped me into another tight embrace.
“Possible, yes. Probable, no.” He informed me.
His eyes burned into mine with that look again. I doubted my ability to breathe when he looked at me like that. I decided not to continue my pointless agonizing, and enjoy this insanely sexy man for as long as I could before I devised an escape. I smiled at him instead. His eyes narrowed and he bent to whisper against my ear again.
“Jade, just as determined as you are to fight me, I am more determined to have you. I feel your body against mine, I feel your heart beating, you’re breathing hard, your nipples harder, but your words lie. It’s making me…” He placed small slow kisses down my neck, and everything he accused my body of came true.
Ah! Why? How can he do this to me?
I rolled my neck back to expose more skin for him to torture.
“It’s making you…what?” I dared to ask.
He moved back up my neck breathing in my scent.
“It’s making me not think about anything else but you. Feeling you. Tasting you. Wanting you to move your body for me like you do, while I’m inside of you. Hmm mm,” he purred.
I felt my midsection tighten and my insides clenched involuntarily. I was flooded with desire for this man. Since he first looked into my eyes, and every day since. I couldn’t think straight and if he tried to take me right now, I wouldn’t stop him. That thought sent more shivers through me.
I’m losing it…

One thought on “How hot is Julian?

  1. I totally agree.I’ve miessd being so close to the books, and fandom.and the trailer just made me realize why I’ve loved it so much for so long. I mean, when they were talking about Dumbledore dying on the live PC, I even teared up a little. Long live Harry Potter and his fandom 🙂

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