Blogger Book Fair: A Writer’s Evolution with Tara Entwistle-Clark

A Writer’s Evolution

I wrote A Butterfly in Winter over the course of two years from 2000-2002. A couple years after that, I self-published it. Now, it’s been over a decade since I wrote it and nearly that long since I first published it. With the move toward digital publishing, I figured that there was no reason to leave the book on my computer and that I might as well make it available. Continue reading

Blogger Book Fair Characters and their Careers: Olivia Linden

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Don't Call Me Sugar

Jaded Hearts, by Olivia Linden

Today we are welcoming Olivia Linden, author of Jaded Hearts (The Jaded Hearts Club

First, here is the book blurb:Jaded Hearts

At 24 years old, Jade Spencer’s life has hit a brick wall. Haunted by the mysterious abandonment of her mother, she found it was easier to live in the shadows of someone elses expectations.  From the strict authority of her  grandmother, the unwillingly guardian to Jade and her brother, to a controlling fiance who she can’t seem to please, denying her feelings has been a necessary coping mechanism. Reality has suddenly come crashing in under the strain of denying her own dreams for so long, and for once, Jade is ready to live life by her own rules.

It’s time for a fresh start. Turning away from the disappointment of her past, Jade ditches her shady fiance and packs her bags for New York…

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