Young, naive and guarded, Jade heads to New York for a fresh start. After breaking off her engagement to her long-time boyfriend Evan, she wanted to get away from the reminders of her past. Abandoned by her parents at a young age, she doesn’t take stock in grand emotions and love. She sees the world in levels of need or want. Figuring she could take the Big Apple by storm, she may wind up getting swept away…

tumblr_mboxrd6UPp1qexxs3o1_500I started packing as soon as Aunt Vivian told me that the apartment was ready to be moved into. She had itfurnished and decorated with the items I had chosen online. I wasn’t expected to start work until the beginning of July, which was about two months away, but I was eager to get to New York and away from here. I had been on the couch for too long.

Jaded collageAs excited as I was for a change there was a part of me that was bewildered at the offer. My aunt had bounced around in her career so how was she so sure about this? And why me? Ever since I told him that I was leaving, Evan and I had been on the best terms that we had probably been on in a long time. It was almost like I wasn’t leaving. He asked me a million questions about my new job and my apartment, and already started planning when he was coming to visit me. I was caught between feeling excited to leave and start my new life, and being terrified at the thought of whether I was making a mistake.

Everything just seemed too right.


No matter what I did, Julian always managed to creep into my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking about the way he kissed me, and how hot I got just from him doing it. His eyes, his voice, his scent where all like some secret kryptonite sent to destroy me.
What was it about him?Cstubs I lay there replaying the previous night’s events, and the way he just kissed me.  I felt the butterflies flutter in my belly. I felt giddy. Ugh, please!

I shook off my fairytale fantasy feelings with a deep sigh. Then I rolled over and set my alarm to meet Jackie and Aunt V for our weekend lunch date, and drifted back into a much needed sleep.Jaded Hearts wlogoprint

“I had to clear my head from a sexed crazed weekend and focus on work. That’s what I was going to chalk it up to. There was a part of me that was ready to put on a pair of rose colored glasses and chase rainbows, but that would mean I believed in that sort of thing. But I don’t.”

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