Feed your Scandal hunger pangs!!

Scandal Podcast | #ScandalRewind | Enemy of the State, Season 1 Episode 4

Need something to hold you over until season 3? I was sick as a dog, but not even that stopped me as I joined this fantastic group of ladies to recap and rehash this episode of SCANDAL!!!

Scandal Rewind | Enemy of the State – Jaha Knight

“This panel was dynamic and full of energy.  We even went over a little because there was so much to say!  Join us on this episode of the Scandal Podcast’s Scandal Rewind Series.” Jaha Knight

SP013: Scandal Rewind | Enemy of the State – Jaha Knight.

Olivia Linden on Scandal Rewind Series | Recording Tomorrow with host- Jaha Knight

Scandal Rewind Series

Those who know me well, know I’m a Scandalite aka Super Scandal Fan. So imagine my surprise, joy, elation, excitement (any word that equates to me squealing and making silly whooping sounds) when I was invited to join Jaha Knight as a panelist on her Scandal Rewind Series. Be one of the first 7 on the Hangout to join in and ask questions!

From Jaha Knights Website:

So on Saturday, 6/15 we will be joined by two panelists in the Google Hangout Series!  The panelists themselves are a surprise shhh until you get to the hangout.  I look forward to seeing you all there!  You can join us in the hangout only the first 7 of you as we review episode 1 from season 1, Sweet Baby.There are a ton of questions to ask the panelists and this will give you the opportunity to ask what you want to know as well.  The hangout starts at 11 am EST and will go on for an hour.It’s an opportunity for us all to use Google Hangouts because I am a total newbie myself when it comes to using it but I’ve explored the options that are there.The url to watch all live hangouts is jahaknight.com/scandalrewind  of you can click on my g+ link and join my SL Soulphisticated Lady circle.

via SP009: Scandal Rewind Series | Recording Tomorrow – Jaha Knight.