Julian “The Reformed Playboy”

Julian “The Reformed Playboy

Julian Garza blazes into Jade’s life without warning. A sexy Cuban powerhouse he both excites her and terrifies. Jade had no chance against his total male prowess, which was evident from their first encounter.


After our meal I rode downtown with Jackie to visit the boutique she ran. La Carra was located in Soho and fairly well-known for its glamorous one-of-a kind dresses. As one of my clients, my job was to make sure they were very well-known. After seeing their inventory I knew I was well on my way to getting my closet filled up. Jackie was pulling some dresses from the stock room in the back so I continued to browse the racks of tempting fashions. I dug into my Marc Jacobs tote for my phone so I could text Colleen, and was startled as I abruptly bumped into someone. I looked up to see a pair of deep green eyes blazing at me.
“Oh, excuse me.” His voice was deep and sultry with a slight Spanish accent.
He was a God. A tall one with dark spiky hair and biceps to die for. His eyes were almost out of place with his otherwise average looks, but there was something more to him. My whole entire body vibrated with excitement at the sight of him. I gaped at him, frozen in a trance as his hands came towards me. He flashed me a sly grin as he merely nodded his head, and gently moved me to the side and continued his way to the exit. I tingled, again, at the brief contact of his hand on my arm.
“No, excuse me,” I whispered breathlessly as I watched as his fine fine ass walk out the shop.


Hearing my name whispered as a soft resignation, dispatched a sharp spasm of need through me as Julian slid his body slowly along mine until we were face to face. His fingertips traced the contours of my face while he whispered to me in imagesCAJ58015Spanish.
“Tú eres la mujer más bella que he visto. Yes, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Open your eyes and look at me, Jade.” My eyes opened slowly to meet his green diamonds, smoldering with passion. I slowly, sucked in a long deep breath to quell my discomfort. I wasn’t used to such passion and intimacy; my anxiety and pleasure combined, threatening to explode in my chest. This was all too much for me. He was too sexy; too manly and he stripped away all of my restraint.


 I recognized the trumpet heavy Con Alma filling the space as a few patrons graced the dance floor.

The place had a sexy, but laid back ambiance, and it made me think of Andrew. He would love it here. I was so enthralled with the lounge that I didn’t notice I had reached my destination and Julian was standing to greet me. I smiled sheepishly, caught off guard and not prepared for the intensity that I felt when I saw him.

Once again, he was immaculately dressed with a tailored gray dress shirt with black stitching and a pair of black slacks. He flashed his usual sly grin as he pulled me into an embrace and kissed me on both cheeks. It wasn’t quite the same way his mother had done when we met as she didn’t caress each cheek with her lips after each kiss. The tall leggy hostess with the long copper hair stood by stiffly waiting as we took our seats.

“Will there be anyone else joining you tonight, Mr. Garza?” She asked almost expectantly.

“No, Lily. Have a bottle of Perrier-Laurent Rosé sent over please. I’m sure Ms. Spencer is in the mood for champagne.”

He raised his brow in anticipation of my probable response knowing my preferred drink. I smiled modestly at him and then nodded my agreement. Damn he is so sexy!

“Yes, I am in the mood for champagne, thank you,” I agreed.

I swear I saw a flash of disapproval on her face before she garnered a fake smile and went off to fulfill her duties. Julian never even glanced her way so there was no point in even taking the thought further. Was I imagining things? Jealous!

He was watching me as usual.


“I can tell that so much goes on in that pretty head of yours, Jade. I wish I could read your thoughts.” He lamented.

“I’m surprised you can’t. I already made the mistake of inviting you in.” I retorted.
“So now I’m a vampire?” He laughed in surprise. “You wouldn’t be here now if that were the case.” He replied.
“And why is that?” I questioned.
“Because. I wouldn’t have been able to stop until I sucked every drop of that sweet blood out of you!” He teased.
I frowned in exaggerated disgust.
“Oh, that’s gross Julian! You’re sick.” I cried.
He shrugged his shoulders and laughed at me some more.
“Hey, you started it. I just finished it.” He teased. “You look stunning as usual, by the way.”
He leaned back in his chair continuing to admire me. I could feel the fire slowly spreading thru me, but I had to put it out. That’s why I was here.

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