Only Her Heart – Chapter 1 Snippet

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After her ordeal in Jaded Hearts, Jade is ready to take the reigns of her own life. After finding out that the people she gave her trust to didn’t trust her enough to share secrets that affected her, she has had enough. Now, it’s time to do things her way. See what happens when John tries to get her to compromise her newfound set of cojones!

Light tapping coming from the doorway startled me back to the present. I was not surprised to see John waiting there. He looked haggard, like he hadn’t changed or shaved in a day or so.

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“Come in,” I said with little emotion in my voice. I should have known that he wouldn’t adhere to my wishes to be left alone. That was John, always trying for a compromise that was really just his way. He casually strolled into my room, choosing to stand in front of me instead of taking a seat. I kept my eyes trained to the slight crack in my nail, as I waited for him to speak his piece. I knew that if I looked up at him, I would be a goner. I hated this new emotional me. This can’t be life!

“Are you ready to go?”


“Do you have a ride?” His voice was wrought with apprehension as he asked his questions.

“Yes,” I dead-panned again.

“Can you look at me?”

“Can you tell me what happened?” I shot back, still without eye contact.

“Jade! Why can’t-“

“Why can’t I trust you? Hmmm? Is that what you were going to ask, when the truth is you don’t trust me?” I



couldn’t help from raising my voice, being shellshocked and overemotional was wearing on me. Drew poked his head in, interrupting our little, or my little outburst.

“Jade, I’m ready when you are,” my brother announced as he picked up my bag and headed back out of the room.

“I didn’t come here to argue with you, Jade. Please don’t shut me out,” John’s plead seemed more like a directive, as if I wasn’t being reasonable and he was trying to set me right. It.Pissed.Me.Off.

“John, right now is just not the time for this,” I waved my hand in the tension filled air between us. John let out a long huff and ran both hands through his hair.

“We still need to talk. Let me explain as much as I can,” he insisted.

“Let me get some rest. Is that reasonable enough of a request for you to handle?” I’d never felt like being a bitch, but the feeling that John was keeping something from me did horrific things to my sensibilities.  Despite my tone, he still felt the need to hug me, forcing me to make physical contact with him. Damn him!

John took his sweet time letting me go, and tilted my chin up so that I couldn’t avoid looking into his eyes.

“Hey. I’m not a bad guy. You know that. I know your confused and angry so I’ll give you your space, but I meant what I said. Whether we are together or not, I love you, and I know you still love me or else you wouldn’t be this angry.” He kissed the tip of my nose and my breathing hitched. Why, why, why did things have to be so fucked up?

Once again, there were too many emotions lobbying for my attention. I just watched as John strolled out of my room just as he entered it. Still a mystery.



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