Tough Love #NewAdult #Multicultural #Romance #ASMSG


Loving someone isn’t always easy. Loving two someones can be downright brutal! Love Triangles almost alway guarantee the drama, pain and agony that being in love can involve for some folks. Looked upon as a gift and a curse, one could consider themselves lucky to have not just one, but two people they want to share their heart with. The problem is that most folks aren’t too fond of the “sharing” and someone usually winds up hurt. You may even lose both lovers and wind up all by yourself!

Writing about a Love Triangle wasn’t easy either. At least Not for me! In Only Her Heart, I concluded Jade’s epic internal struggle with her feelings for John and Julian. It was hard. I OnlyHerHeart_OliviaLinden_FinalEcoverchanged the story multiple times before I settled on an ending of her relationship drama fest. I fought to keep my real life logic from interfering with the flow of my character’s emotional growth, constantly reminding myself that she was young and relatively inexperienced with passionate love. That she would find it hard to decide between two men because she was always used to a ‘sure thing’ and wasn’t used to hurting peoples feelings. This issue caused my creative wheels to grind to a halt a few times, but I listened to ‘Jade’s’ voice in the end. She wanted who she wanted, and who was I to disagree? This is my dreamcast’s reenactment of this love tug-of-war. 

Jade – Model Chrishell Stubbs

John- Model Steve Boyd

Julian – Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo

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