Let Love Heal by Melissa Collins (Review Post)

I was excited to receive the ARC copy of Let Love Heal by Melissa Collins because I’ve heard great things about the previous books in this series. The cover is amazing and I couldn’t wait to dig in. Despite being part of a series, this book is a stand alone read.  So where do I begin?

This book wastes no time drawing you into Melanie’s world. There is no fairytale here, she is a real, down to earth woman with insecurities and doubts that cause her to question affection of her super hot boyfriend, Brian. She didn’t see herself as being ‘perfect’ and therefore didn’t understand what he could possibly see in her. The struggle to find and believe in her own self worth is what makes this read so endearing. I enjoyed the dynamics between Melanie and Brian, and their chemistry was HAWT.  Though they battle through relationship woes, outside antagonists, and internal conflicts, it all just proves to strengthen their bond.

Let Love Heal was beautifully written and will take you on a heartfelt journey into the lives of Melanie and Brian. I highly recommend!!

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