#SexySaturday excerpt: Jaded Hearts by Olivia Linden #OCT #ASMSG

My #SexySaturday post is a snippet

from my novel,  Jaded Hearts.

In this scene,  Jade has just left Julian on the dance floor to regroup after a scorching kiss.  She’s never reacted to a man the way  she does to Julian and it scares her because she seems to lose all control whenever he’s around. She’s hiding out in the women’s bathroom, trying to get a grip on her revved up libido.

***Warning, this content is very sexually suggestive, and is not for the romantically feint of heart.***

The squeak of the door hinge snapped me out of my haze. I was still shaking as I turned to leave, not wanting to share my current disposition with a random stranger. Or, even worse, Jackie and her nosy barrage of questions. I was startled to see Julian leaning with his back up against the door.

“What the hell? What are you doing in here?” I demanded.

“I came to check on you. I was tired of waiting.” His tone was nonchalant as if there was nothing wrong with him being in the ladies room. I walked towards him gesturing for him to go back outside.

“Well, I’m fine so let’s go.” I assured him.

I reached for the doorknob but he didn’t move to let me open it.

“Are you?” He questioned.

His eyes blazed with an intensity that seared into me along with the heat from his nearness. I made another futile attempt to open the door, but he just grabbed my arm pulling me against him, and encircled his around my waist. I tried feebly to resist him but just seeing him was crumbling my barrier of resistance. The truth was, I was so turned on by him, I couldn’t see straight. I just wasn’t about to give it up right here, right now.

“Julian!” I cried, but my voice sounded weak and unconvincing.
I pushed and pulled away from him trying to wriggle out of his embrace, but he ignored me with slight amusement. Both my arms were raised above my head and pinned together at the wrists with one of his hands. I could feel the warmth of his body even with the thin layers of cotton that separated us, and I was drowning in his musky scent. When he wrenched my tube top down with his teeth until he was able to latch onto an eager nipple, I went dizzy with lust. I was beholden to the bold caress of his tongue.

“Stop fighting me baby. I told you how much it turns me on,” he warned when I continued my half-hearted attempts to struggle. The sexy timbre of his voice stirred the hunger deep inside me that set my impulses haywire.

“Let me go!” It was only a whisper. I was already relaxing to the intense desire his delicate suckling was encouraging.


Uh oh! It’s looks like our buddy Jade is in a bit (a whole lot of sexy man beast filled) trouble. Can she get out of Julian’s snare? Does she want to? Find out what happens next! 



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