#TBT Sweet Savage Love, My first tortured romance!


Ginny Brandon is swept from the ballrooms of Paris to the desert sands of Mexico and into the arms of charismatic mercenary Steve Morgan. But this fearless heroine and “hero of all heroes” must first endure countless unforeseen dangers before they can enjoy sensual, exhilarating passion that burns between them.Moving at a breathtaking pace from Paris to New Orleans to Mexico, here is the first novel in the stunning saga of Steve and Ginny Morgan, lovers who bring to life the heights of passion and desire.


I remember being a young, bored and curious pre-tween looking for a book to read over the summer of 6th grade. My mom had this sick (in a good way) collection of books on a built-in bookshelf that covered an entire wall in our living room. Previous to this I had sampled some of the classics, and more somber reads, but after reading a catchy Harlequin Romance novel, I wanted something more. Well Rosemary Rogers gave me that and then some. Sweet Savage Love is everything the title infers.

The relationship between Ginny and Steve ranges from Sweet to extremely savage, but they can’t stay away from each other and no matter what happens you keep hoping they will finally find happiness together.  She’s the innocent but feisty daughter of Virginian Senator and he’s a Mexican/American Mercenary. They hate each other at first site, but that thin line is crossed and they manage to fall head-over-heels. Kidnap, rape, torture, tragic separations, hurtful misunderstandings, etc. This book and author spawned my love of soul wrenching romances, with situations so dire, you can’t help but throw up a silent prayer that this will never happen to you. And through it all Ginny survives and becomes stronger and even more irresistible to Steve. Rosemary Rogers’ writing is hypnotic and transports you into the heart of the story. I’ve read this book a gazillion times. 

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