Top Ten things I would rather do than write! by Lillian Mackenzie Rhine

Today, I welcome my good friend and fellow writer, Lillian MacKenzie Rhine, as a stop on her worldwide blog tour for her new release, Winter’s Island. Her last stop here, she did an amazing interview on her novella, Memoirs of a Succubus, but today the Top Ten things she would rather do than write is what’s on her mind…


For most of us authors, we cannot think of anything else but writing. I mean we even go without eating or sleep just to push out another 5,000 words into a story if need be; so, I undertook the task of unearthing the Top Ten things Lilly Mac would rather do than write (..and boy was this difficult)

10.  Game For Hours On End ~ Since the time I could hold a controller, I have been an avid gamer. Typically I prefer fantasy Role-Playing Games (RPG) with Final Fantasy being my absolute favorite, but I have also played a few fighting, sports, and third-person shooting games like Tomb Raider. There were times that I was up all night, missing meals just to beat the latest Donkey Kong when I was younger, and this obsession bled into my adult life as well. My dream is to do a little cosplay (costume play) dressed as my favorite Final Fantasy characters for a Comic-Con.

9.   Have A Dinner Party ~ Those who know me well, know that I absolutely love to cook and sharing my culinary arts with others is a passion of mine. Cooking 5 to 10 courses, setting tables with fine china and elegant cutlery. Decorating the surrounding areas with fresh flowers, centerpieces, napkin treatments, name cards all excite me.

8.   Become An American Ninja ~ Explanation not needed…

7.   Lucid Dream ~ To lucid dream is to be aware that you are dreaming enabling the dreamer to change whatever they see fit. With talking with a good friend of mine who studies this age old phenom, I realized that I have been lucid dreaming since a child. When I was younger I was plagued with constant nightmares and nightly terrors that tended to recur constantly. Since it was the same dream repeating itself, I was able to determine quickly that I was dreaming and change the bad parts before they began. This has followed me into adulthood. If you do not want a dark night sky in your fantasy dream, make the sky pink with purple polka-dots. Not the guy you wish to have in your dreams, change him to a proper suitor. Lucid dreaming is amazing…try it in your next dreaming experience…

6.   Ogle Boobies ~ No I am not a lesbian, but I do have an interesting obsession with breasts which I love to refer to as boobies.  All my female friends (Olivia has not been immune to my booby flirts) are not safe. I like them slightly exposed with the valley between the two hills playing peek-a-boo with my eyes. My fantasy is to squeeze as many boobs as I can, possibly run my thumb over the nipple areas as well. No I am not a lesbian…but I love boobies. Just the thought makes me mmmm mmmm mmmm….

5.   Travel To Beautiful Lands ~ I would love to visit Asia for the most part. The colorful buildings and lands attract me mostly. When I was younger I had visions of living in Venice, Italy, but many have informed me that the city on top of water is not the most pleasantly smelling place on Earth; I still would love to visit.

4.   Make Love To The Perfect Man ~ To be caressed, squeezed, and kissed passionately by a tall, dark man of about 6 foot 1 or taller and no lighter than mahogany. Just a little bit of hair on his head with tattoos on his chest and arms. Light amount of chest hair and that love trail leading to his prize. Athletic build with thick shredded thighs and nice feet. Full lips with dimples….just gorgeous for no reason. That is the man I would love to have one boom-tastic night with. If he has authentic dog tags and fangs…that would be a bonus.

3.   Chit Chat With My Family Members ~ I love to hear what my little sister’s views are on life in general because unfortunately the younger generation is not very different from any other generation which is the misconception. My father is the most unassuming hilarious man on Earth. He always has something  negative to say about everything; but the funny thing is, he believes they are all positive statements. My mother is always positive even when she wants to be negative like a Disney Princess (which I call her). I have two aunts who have lived together all their lives and they bring me so much joy just to sit in their kitchen and watch them exchange expletives amongst themselves and their baby brother (my dad).

2.   Read A Book That Contains All The Above ~ A gorgeous man with a great personality, maybe a love triangle with another woman, good conversation that makes me laugh with a small bit of action…not much to ask for right??

1.   Spend Valuable Time With My Bubbies ~ I have always been a mum first then a writer second. To go to a sporting event with one of my children as the athlete, a movie with my girls, or to the park with my son is one of the few things that will absolutely make me press save on my Scrivener and shutdown my laptop.


This talk has made me wonder what my Top Ten would be; maybe in a future posting I will divulge my list.

Thank you for sharing with us today Lilly Mac.

Please enjoy an excerpt from the vampire romance, Winter’s Island by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine.

She decided to leave the remainder of the preparations until the morning, because the storm looked very dark and angry from her vantage point. Needing to bring something home for dinner, Cay made her way to adjacent bistro to pick up some roti and rice and peas for dinner. While she waited for the meal to cook, Cay noticed a suite in one of the buildings was rented out by a fortune teller.

Always curious to check out unique things, Cay noted the time, entering the small building filled with magic spell books and whimsical souvenirs. A table was in the middle of the room with a burgundy cover fitted with tassels on the ends and tarot cards laid out on top. Cay took a mental note of the large hurricane candle holder filled with what appeared to be chicken bones and feathers. Exploring the opposite side of the small enclosure of a shop, there were glass spheres of all sizes. She turn to check out the cards on the table; and, to her surprise a older woman was sitting with the deck in her hand staring at Cay with a stone face.

“Please sit,” she said with a distinct accent. Cay took the chair right across from the woman. She was so unnerved that perspiration started to form near her head. Not knowing exactly what to do, Cay offered her hand for a greeting. “Chile, I knows who you are.” Speechless, Cay listened on. “Listen to me and listen good.” A crash of thunder was heard in the distance. “When the dark meets the light, crimson will tint the street.” Palming the material of her skirt with sweat-infused palms, Cay muttered, “I do not understand.”

“Do not be a fool. When the dark meets the light. When black sees white. Crimson. Blood my chile. Will tint the street. Do you hear me now?”

“Yes,” Cay said not fully understanding the meaning but scared to mention her ignorance.

“Good. Now run on home. The dark is coming and coming fast.” The woman’s leathery face shifted in expression. “Go now. The black has arrived and it is not muted.” Cay stood leaving a few dollars on the table. Trekking out of the entrance, not looking back, she approached the bistro finding Jeremiah standing with her order in his hands. Cay willed her body to not be phased by him.

To read more about this new type of romance, purchase Winter’s Island by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine with the links provided below.

Check on her other works and posting at her blog listed below.







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    • Trust me I am not a lesbian…mmmmm man ugh ugh ugh…sorry Neanderthal talk…but I do appreciate a nice looking rack lol…I am a lover and a lover…thank you for your comment

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