Tiger the Pup

Every time I see this picture I crack up!

Olivia Linden

Poor Tiger….

This is Tiger. As you can see, he just celebrated his first birthday. His Mom, my sister (bless her heart) wanted to show him just how much she loves him with a party. I wasn’t there so I won’t speculate on the turnout of the event, but I wanted to discuss this picure.

I think it’s just chockfull of funny how Tiger’s eyes match the expression of the doggy on the cake. Yeah, that’s all I got because, I just can’t stop laughing!!! I’m sorry, I promise to do better next time. Ok, I’ll try to do better.

What I will say is that he is the sweetest hound I’ve met thus far. He must get it from his Momma! So here’s to you Tiger! And many more!

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