Jaded Hearts Sample Saturday

Each week I attend the http://www.virtualebookfair.com ebook fair, and provide a sample of my work. This week my sample is from my book, Jaded Hearts. Jade, has just moved on from her lousy fiance and is meeting with her aunt and cousin for her first day in New York!

“So Jade, what is going on with you and Evan? I don’t see you wearing the ring he gave you?” My aunt sounded relieved. I knew she never really cared for Evan.

“Yeah well, he seems to think that I’m coming back to Miami. I still have the ring because he wouldn’t take it back. I honestly don’t see us working out unless he moves here and even then not so much.” That was the first time I verbalized that sentiment. Evidently, I was OK with the reality that Evan and I were not going to work out.

Jackie just shook her head. “Wow, I’m surprised his tight ass didn’t take the ring back the minute you said you were leaving. I guess he’s not the Tin Man after all.” She also hadn’t been a fan.

“I’m not really thinking about all that. I’m kind of over it. Besides, there are so many fine men walking around this city. Even the thugs look sophisticated.” My thoughts wandered to the group of guys I passed on the corner.

“Oh honey! New York is a different animal than where you’re coming from. Handsome men here come a dime a dozen. Trust me. You just have to pick a good one.” My aunt scolded.

“Well, then I look forward to the picking!” Yes, I do!

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