Opinions are like…

        My love hate relationship with social media is alive and kicking! I love SM for several reasons. It is the quick and dirty of connecting with people, people you would never have met if we didn’t all have the internet waiting on the other side of our fingerprints! You can find others with similar likes and interests. Entire groups even!Especially as an author, you can learn so much by building relationships with your readers and other authors.

         What I don’t love? The difference of opinion gang bang. What is that you ask? Let me tell you! It’s when a person refuses to understand that most discussions are based on opinions, and that it’s ok to disagree. No, that can’t be processed by their craniums, so they derail the entire discussion just to prove their point. The gang bang gets going when they go out and rally the troops. They find at least one other over zealous opinion freak minion to attack you. Or even better, they talk around you. Just like your posts are typed with invisible internet font. I had to learn how to navigate these internet etiquette lacking folks, but it can be hard not to take it personal. So now, I have a new method of dealing with these disagreeable trolls:


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