Today in the Via Linden Lounge, Tilsa Wright stops by with her hot Star Boy series!

starboy final promotional artwork

Welcome Tilsa! Tell us about Star Boy.

The name of my book is Star Boy, a 3 part series. The first book cover lines reads ‘Cricket wicket he knows how to stick it’ which make readers both smile and laugh.

Star Boy book series is a love story that takes place in Kingston Jamaica West Indies. The main characters Tania star boy cover kindleWatson and Brian Lane fell in love from their days in High School. At first they were at odds with each other and eventually as fate would have it Tania’s hard personality softened up towards Brian’s charm. Brian being a Star Boy Cricketer since High School was slated to become a very great player on an international level. But like men in sports or popular in media, Brian has issues with infidelity, paternity and keeping his true focus.

How did you develop the story?

I developed the story based on many factors. One being mine via the Reality Booth a place in story I share how I truly feel. Second factor is love and issues with men that most women are faced with. Music, poetry and VH1 reality TV show helped me create some of the drama.

Which comes first? The character’s story or the idea for the novel?

What came first was the idea, then as I wrote without an outline, the story lines and dialogues to its own life and shape.

Why is your book is a must-read?

Star Boy is a must read, it gets to the point, it takes you down memory lane making things real and livable or more relatable.

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?Given that the story is based in Jamaica a Caribbean island, my initial outlook was the Caribbean market. However as I sell throughout Brooklyn and to the Star Boy3 coverUK I noticed folks in general love the story lines. You see Cricket is a very popular sport in Europe, Australia, and India as well as in the Caribbean. Readers are very intrigued by the fact, that there has never been a love drama written about a Cricketer that feels so real and somewhat scandalous. To make matters more intense Star Boy was recently featured on a Hip Hop Gossip website owned by VH1 reality star Vivian Billings.

What social issues interest you the most?

Women who are searching for their footing in life. Women who are stepping outside of a man’s shadow and becoming powerful successful business owners and executive leaders. The overall independence and strong image is what Tania faces as well as her love for Brian, which of the two really matters is the demon she dances with.

How do you feel about self-publishing?

nice portraiteSelf-Publishing is a real job! The margins are extremely great and profitable however the stress from marketing and promotions are not so wonderful at times. Reaching out to media and aligning with key people can be quite a challenge to say the very least. The most rewarding feeling is for me, that I got my book published. I have met so many writers who are afraid to take that leap they are still hoping for a book deal. Well as I have read and heard from a number of individuals in the book business; publishing houses are looking at self-publishing authors who have built a fan base along with sales numbers.

How do you think people perceive writers?

Good question, writers are not necessarily taken seriously not sure why. Some people thinking writing is easy, not realizing the creative world is an animal that is wild just like the ideas that runs through our minds when developing stories and thinking outside the box. Trying to please an audience is a challenge we all take seriously. People who look at us differently will never get us until they tap into something creative for themselves.

Do you have any hidden or uncommon talents?

No hidden talent, well then again a creative mindset is hidden until you put it on paper.

Is there anything else you would like to add that I have not included?

The business of publishing books has many layers to it. There is merchandising, and film production as a means to take a book to the next level. This August I will be producing a 10 minute animation that will help market as well as hopefully monetize Star Boy online presence

Wow, Tilsa! Very amazing things coming from you!

Check  Out Star Boy, featured in the London web series, Dear Jesus! 

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Producer/Host of 2011 Black History Month Awards honoring 12 Women!

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