I, am not an Almanac!

If you have kids, you may feel the same way. If you are the oldest of a group siblings, you may be able to relate. I guess it should feel flattering, but really I just can’t take the questions anymore.

Mommy – When was Michael Jackson born?

Mommy – When did segregation end?

Mommy – What year did Muhammad Ali retire?

Mommy – When did Elvis die?

These are all real questions that I’ve been asked. At any given moment of the day, I get thrown some curveball question that requires me to recall a date in history, typically before I was even born. Do children really view their parents as the center of knowledge in the universe? At ten years old, I assumed my son would be approaching the age where he was becoming a know it all. Welp, I was wrong and tonight I had to be the bearer of bad news when I snapped under the strain of expectation. We were watching the movie, 42, when the question that broke the question answering camel’s back: “Mommy how old was Jackie Robinson when he died?”

Skipping the little details, I simply explained to my son that even though I know many things, I don’t have all the answers. I am not an almanac!!!

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