Olivia Linden interviews Roger Williams, author of Turn Back Blow!

Welcome Roger! I must say that when I saw the Facebook page for Turn Back Blow, I had to know more about it. Tell us about Turn Back Blow! 

Turn Back Blow is my first book. It’s a fictitious story about animal cruelty. It’s about a group of stray animals who join forces with a ten-year-old handicap boy to fight against some cruel humans in the community that they live. The story is set in rural Jamaica.

Turn Back Blow Synopsis:

This is not just a story about animal cruelty; this is a story about friendship. After two men attempt to capture a wild crocodile from a Jamaican river using nothing but a mongrel dog as bait, all animals from the community of Iron Bridge band together to revolt. But the introduction of a wild crocodile is just the beginning of the terror that runs through Iron Bridge. Just as the excitement over the crocodile starts to die down, an even more horrific incident has shattered the Iron Bridge animal community. Realizing they are defenseless against the calamity that has fallen upon them, the helpless animals must enlist the help of Clifton, a ten-year-old handicapped boy that possesses the unique gift of talking with animals. Now, the young boy and the motley crew of animals must race against time before the community of Iron Bridge is devoid of animal life forever.

Animal cruelty is a sensitive topic. How did you know the book was going to work?

People love animals, but at the same time lots of animals get abused worldwide, a mean we see these sad adds on TV everyday, and we feel these animal pain vicariously, so I know Turn Back Blow would connect with people.

 How long did it take you to write Turn back Blow?
It took me two years to complete the book after seeing that heartbreaking YouTube video that inspired the story.

While you were writing did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters?

I had to be all the characters; especially the animals. I had to go inside the heads several kinds of animal, birds and insects. ( Humans too ) I had to think like each individual character.

How are you the same/different from you main character?

Well, first of all let me say Turn Back Blow is probably the only book out there that does not have a main character. When I was writing the book I didn’t say as the writer that this character is my main character. I leave the reader to decide who his or her main character, and it worked based upon the feedback from readers. I am not like anyone of my character, well I have a Spider in my story; his name is Jacko. Jacko likes to jive people all the time, I love to jive my friends and family at times, so a little of Jacko is in me I guess ( laugh)

Lol! So what came first?  The character’s story or the idea for the book? 

The idea for the novel, because I got the inspiration to write Turn Back Blow after watching an animal abuse video on YouTube.

What is your strongest and/or your weakest in the creative process?

My strongest in the creative process is the creation of the characters. I was told by one reader that every name that each character has suits them; especially the animals characters. My weakness is the punctuation of the dialogues when I had just started to work on the story, so I had to research on that a lot, but I eventually got it.

What do you consider the single most satisfying aspect of being a writer?

The fact that my writing has opened people’s eyes to certain things, for eg. One lady who read Turn Back Blow, told me on Facebook that all her life people have been treating her like an animal and after she read Turn Back Blow, no one is going to treat her like an animal again. That is more than satisfying, especially for a first time author.

Do you have any hidden or uncommon talents:

Well, I am a good cook, I don’t know if that’s hidden or uncommon…well maybe its uncommon for nowadays men ( laugh )

Before you go, what is your VERB (This is a big poster at local mall ) If you had to choose ONE word that describes you and your behavior or you attitude, what would that be?


Here is what really got me about your book, all the readers who submitted pictures while reading the book! 


Thank you so much for stopping by, Roger!! I wish you continued success 🙂

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60 thoughts on “Olivia Linden interviews Roger Williams, author of Turn Back Blow!

  1. Very impressive interview Mr. Williams. I especially loved the part about the lady who was being treated like an animal stated that no one is going to treat her like an animal again. That was very touching.

  2. That was a good interview. The book was awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. It was a very creative and entertaining way to bring attention to a serious topic.

  3. As one of the first readers of this book I truly am proud of my friend Roger Williams for his time and ability to write a book like this his message about animal cruelty is to the point and the way he put the book together makes u want to keep reading to find out how it ends I am truly blessed to have read this book and become friends with the author so if u care about animal cruelty read this book

    • I like to ask a question why Jamaica media doesn’t respond to this book its like they are discrimination against one of their own if any one else wrote this book other then a Jamaican they would be all over it I feel like no matter who wrote this book the Jamaican media should take a stand to animal cruelty in their country im am not Jamaican but I feel this book should be more out there in the country of Jamaica to help stop this outrage that is still happening there today

  4. I love that the Author is so passionate about animal. I myself love animals and often cry when they are mistreated, so I definitely cannot wait to read this book.

  5. Loved The Interview…I Can’t Wait To Read Your Book Roger…Animals Love Unconditionally So They Deserve The Same Love And More…Thank You Roger For Writing This Book & Especially For All Pets/Animals That Need Someone To Have A Voice For Them….God Bless

  6. Very well spoken and very well explained in your own words and how you felt about that issue and also I liked how you used another persons abusive issues on how she was abused in her life and used your book to overcome her fear after reading it, very well done…..

  7. Very good interview Roger. As one of my past students, I’m really very proud of you. This book will make good reading for adults and children alike. I’m sure this is the first of many publications from you. Congratulations!

  8. Its a very inspiring story ,especially knowing that it took 2 years to be completed ,for us to be educated and be aware about animal cruelty.
    Brilliant idea Mr Williams knowing that you are a Jamaican and that majority does not regards animal especially a Mongrel Dog, unless it is an expensive pet .

  9. Wonderful inspiration ! I feel sick when hearing how animals are treated. Roger has taken animal abuse and has done something inspiring. Hopefully this book will help animals and more people know how very special they are. No one or no animal should be treated badly. Glad you care 🙂

    • Congrats Roger, extremely wonderful interveiw am yet to read your book Turn Back Blow. Cruelty to animal is totally wrong, an funny enough it still a happen’ Roger keep up the good work, nuff love from your jamaican family

  10. I have not read the book yet but the interview says alot………like I’ve got my own copy. Good one Junior the sky is the limit

  11. I have not read the book yet but the interview says alot………like I’ve got my own copy. Good one Junior the sky is the limit

  12. I haven’t read the book but I am going to. As a fur parent I’m really glad that attention is being brought to this horrible subject

  13. I’m glad to see that people are starting to look out for animal. You did a good job on the book. I’ve not gotten the book yet, but I’m gone to get it this week & read it. I hope to see more from you in the future.

  14. Well..I must first say congratulations to you Roger on your first novel and second of all your interview was superb. I have read his book a few times and seems as if I can’t get enough. I went to Jamaica to visit in June, went to a few book stores to see if they had the book there so that I would be able to introduce a few of my friends to roger’s novel, but to my surprise it was no where to be found. As a Jamaican , I have also notice that the ” Jamaican Media” seems to be pretty silent about this book.

  15. Great job Roger.
    I have told you before and I will continue to emphasize how proud I am of you and your success with this novel.
    Those who know you personally know that there is lots more where that came from. Keep shining.
    Good Interview Olivia.


  16. This is a question about the Jamaican media why are your people in general so silent about this book is there something wrong with u are u scared of the truth of what is happening in you country in front of your eyes and nothing being said about it what’s the matter with this situation the author of this book is a fellow country men trying to get a message across to his fellow people in his home land and around the world about animal cruelty and his own country cant even put the word out that’s so messed up why is your media people a shame to let people know whats going on in front of your eyes not only there but all around the world and as a person from another country who hass issues with people who despised animal cruelty I think the Jamaican media should stand up and be heard for the sake of the animals

    • I personally believe that the interview was very informative and educational. Animal cruelty is very much real, they need more people like you out there..keep up the good work..success is coming your way soon.

  17. you have a way of making people look at there life and make change… That is a special gift… thank you so much for sharing it……

  18. The interview was good I love the fact that u wrote this book because Animal Cruelty isnt nice at all I can’t wait to read the Book I am verry proud of you big kiss mister Roger X greetz from holland

  19. Roger i must first congratulate u on a book that is bringing the world to attentions about how bad some people treat animals, and its good to know that u cant talk for the animals because they cant do it for themselves so thank u for a job well done,hope there is another one in the pipe line to come.


  21. Turn Back Blow is a really good book which serves to educate us on the unkindness of humans to innocent and defenseless annimals. It is also funny and entertaining and is worth buying. CONGRATULATIONS Roger on a job well done.

  22. This is absolutely phenomenal !! Enjoyed every bit of this interview…I also encourage EVERYONE… not just to support Roger in his DETERMINATION in becoming an ardent successful writer but to purchase his Book—TURN BACK BLOW…Application is key… apply its True-to-life message and see how much knowledge and inspiration you can glean from its pages. It is extraordinary and uplifting!! It is a promise that you will NOT look on life or animals in the same light EVER again… I must add that the book helps to highlight that though someone may be physically handicapped–their other special gifts are extremely outstanding to the point of surpassing all other physically abilities.

    Hearty congratulations Roger and more power to you in creating more life changing stories in the not too distant future. Be blessed!!

  23. Congratulations Roger on a great interview and a phenomenal book. I was blown away by the subject you selected and then truly impressed with your bold choice to advocate for animals. Keep up the good work my friend.

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