Meet the members of TJHC (The Jaded Hearts Club)

Jaded Hearts!  <img class="size-medium wp-image-668 alignleft" alt="JHH Contender 1" src=”″ width=”203″ height=”300″ />

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  Naive, but guarded, Jade blindly navigates the storm of disappointments in her life.

Evan - The EX

Evan – The EX

 Evan has always been there for Jade, but on his terms

Jade’s bff, Colleen goes after what she wants, no matter the consequences.

Drew - The voice of reason

Drew – The voice of reason

  Drew may be Jade’s younger brother, but he is her common sense barometer.

Jackie- The Confidante

Jackie- The Confidante

   Always buzzing and busy, Jackie is Jades cousin and confidante.

Aunt V

Aunt V

  Aunt V is Jades protector, but from what?


Julian aka Mr. Intensity

Julian knocks Jade down and sweeps her off her feet all at once!

Donna - The Friend in deed

Donna – The Friend in deed

 Donna is much more than Jade’s assistant, she provides a much needed friendship.

images (1)

John – Not Just a “Friend”

 John sneaks into Jade’s heart as a friend, but offers so much more.

Ana is Julian’s mother and Jackie’s mentor



   Julian’s uncle and business partner, but Edward has his own agenda.

Victor – The Flirt

Victor is Donna’s flirtatious brother that causes quite a stir!

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