ReRight Your Life! by Jake Eagle: Featured today in the Via Linden Lounge

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Today Jake Eagle visits the Via Linden Lounge on the latest stop of his ReRight Your Life book tour.  We will discuss the practice of Reology, and how you can transform your life with his book ReRight Your Life, An Introduction to Reology.

First and foremost, what is Reology?

Reology is a practice that allows you to re-center yourself every time you speak, re-do yourself anytime your disappointed in your own behavior, and re-create your life so that it is truly fulfilling.

Who is your intended audience, and how would they benefit from reading your ReRight Your Life?

Our intended audience is people who are really serious about making changes in their lives. If people are looking for the newest fad or a quick fix, they’re not our audience. Mostly, our audience is made up of people 40-70 years old. However, in our recent retreats we have had a 23-year-old woman and two men who were of the age 28. They were unusually mature for their ages and they seemed to get a great deal out of the program, as well as adding a lot for the rest of the participants.

Most of our participants have done some psychological work on themselves, and that’s why they’re not looking for quick fixes—they’ve tried those approaches and are looking for something more substantive. They are people who are struggling in some way, maybe in their marriage, or maybe they haven’t been able to attract a healthy partner into their lives. Or, they may just be searching for deeper meaning in their lives.

What’s true for almost all of our participants is that they are seekers—looking to improve themselves, grow, and be better partners, parents, leaders, teachers, coaches or therapists.

Why should people read ReRight Your Life? It’s the first step into this new way of living. Not only do I describe how to get started, but also I help you look at the ways in which you may have been holding yourself back and what you can do about that. The book is easy to read and presented in a conversational format—a dialogue between my brother and me. I actually demonstrate what I’m talking about throughout the book, while having this conversation with my brother.

What inspired you to re-release and re-title your book, ReRight Your Life?

Before writing this new book, we referred to our work as Green Psychology. The originally meaning of the word “green” was “growth.” So what we intended to convey with our old name was a psychology model that focused on growth. But so many people confused themselves, thinking ours was a psychology that had to do with the environment, that we decided to change our name.

As we thought more deeply about our work, we kept coming up with words that began we the prefix “re”. Re-newal, re-create, re-evaluate, re-engage, re-do and this was our “aha!” moment when we recognized the power of RE. RE means we can do things again; we can re-interpret and re-do ourselves when we are not happy with the way things are going. Why is that possible? Because, meaning is subjective and malleable. We make up meaning as we go along. This means that we can change meaning, change behavior, change attitudes and beliefs. This was when we embraced our new name: Reology.

And RE was a perfect fit for the way we teach people to use language, which we call ReSpeak. The idea is that we can literally ReSpeak ourselves in a new way. This new way that we teach people to talk helps us come directly into the present moment. It helps us take responsibility for ourselves and not feel like victims. And it helps us stop worrying so much what other people think of us. It’s extremely empowering.

In the introduction, you state that ReRight Your Life contains new material based on your findings and experiences. Can you share some of these?

The new material that is sharing in my book ReRight Your Life comes directly from my marriage to my wife, Hannah, and from the work I do as a psychotherapist. What I’ve come to learn is that it’s possible to have a marriage, as well as other intimate relationships, that are easy. It’s possible to communicate in a respectful and kind way ALL the time. And not because we repress our feelings, but because there is another way of relating to people that’s possible when we adopt the practice of Reology.

I am very interested in the principals of this book, and really identify with your view on having more intimate relationships by communicating more respectfully. Is there anything else you would like to add that before you go?

There’s a Tom Waits quote I recently heard that goes like this,

“We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness.” I think this is all true and I concern myself that people are losing connection with the deeper meaning of life, with living in the present, and without even knowing what will make them truly happy. Our work is intended to address this by inviting people to a deeper, more intimate conversation about their lives.”

Jake, thank you for a very interesting interview. I can’t wait to finish reading ReRight Your Life.

You can learn more about Reology and Jake Eagle by visiting

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