When your characters won’t cooperate!

I am in the home stretch of completing the second installment of The Jaded Hearts Club series. I want to be finished! I should be finished, but Jade is being difficult. Yes, I am blaming the fictional character of my book for delaying my progress.

See, I try to cropped-jh-cloud-banner.jpeglet the characters guide me through their story, and since this is her story, I let Jade have the lead. Yes, that’s correct, my characters talk to me. I’ve spoken to other authors who also do the same, so I’m not crazy. Well, maybe we are all crazy, but it makes for good reading. Anyhoo…

It’s bad enough that I’m indecisive, but she has decided to suddenly give more thought to the consequences of her actions. I’m proud of her personal growth, I really am, but I need her to get with it already! I could pull rank and trump her, write what I want to write and be done with it, but that just wouldn’t be right.  Hopefully she has also incorporated a little pity in her newfound sense of reflection. Take pity on me Jade! Take pity…

4 thoughts on “When your characters won’t cooperate!

  1. I feel you I am struggling on book two of my series and I’m just glad I decided to write the whole series before putting it out. I am grateful for that decision every day I ponder what is going on with the characters from one second to the next. Woo I hope Jade gives you some relief soon. I get my resolutions usually after a good night’s sleep. Maybe take a nap, lol.

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