Olivia Linden interviews Candace Shaw author of Only One for Me!

Today I get to chat with Candace Shaw author of Only One for Me.  She’s also one of my Scandal buddies! 🙂 

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Welcome Candace! Can you share a little of your current work with us?

I’d love to! Check out the blurb and a short excerpt from Only One for Me.


Dr. Cannon Arrington’s mission is to help people in need. But when his ex fiancée re enters his life after twelve years, he has a new mission. Never let her get away again.

Yasmine Dubose never stopped loving Cannon. Instead, she learned to live without him, guarding her heart in the process. However, when they are brought together to plan a wedding for their best friends, Yasmine is faced with the challenge of following her heart this time around or risk losing the only man she’s ever loved.


(Background for excerpt. Yasmine and Cannon are at the cake tasting. Things are going fairly well until…)

“Let’s have dinner after we leave here,” Cannon suggested. “You said earlier you were hungry.”

“All of this sampling has made me full.” She picked up a plate, but he took it from her and slammed it on the Only One for Me Book cover 400x617table. She was surprised it didn’t break.

“Yasmine, I know you’re trying to avoid me, but that’s going to be impossible considering we’ve been commissioned to help plan a wedding for our best friends.”

“The next assignment on my list is the bridesmaid’s dresses, and I totally doubt you’ll be wearing a dress, unless there’s something you forgot to tell me.” She raised an eyebrow.

“The only thing I know about dresses is unzipping or raising them up to get under them, as you very well know.” His eyes were heated with a sexual stare that she knew all too well.

“Can we please get through the cake tasting without traveling down memory lane?”

“Yaz, I just thought we could—”

“We could what? Catch up? Shoot the breeze? Be friends?” She laughed sarcastically.

“Honestly, yes.” He stood in her personal space, and she stepped back finding herself against the wall next to the dessert table.

“Look, Dr. Arrington. Don’t think for a minute you can just waltz back into my life and think everything is cool between us because it’s not! You …” She stopped as the tears stung her eyes. She wanted to flee as one tear glided down her cheek. Darn it!

Cannon stepped closer and wiped it with his finger, causing another one to take its place.

He placed his hands tenderly on either side of her face and locked his eyes with hers. “I’ve never missed anyone as much as I have missed you.”

Copyright by Candace Shaw, June 2013

Describe your writing style for those who may not know.

Yes. My tagline is fun, flirty, and sexy romance. I’m a carefree and down to earth person who likes to stay drama free. I live a simple and easy going life, but I’m fun, flirty, and sexy (according to hubby) so that seems to come out in my books as well.

Can you share your behind this title inspiration for the title, Only One for Me?

I was working on the first book in Arrington Family Series, Cooking Up Love, while listening to my Brian McKnight station on Pandora. Originally, Dr. Cannon Arrington’s book was going to be the second book, so I was jotting down ideas and thinking of scenes while editing the first book just in case I needed a lead in. The song “Only One for Me” and “Anytime” played in the background and it gave me the idea of giving Cannon a second chance with a lost love. Of course, it got pushed to the backburner when I decided to write The Game of Seduction instead.

Music does play a huge role to a lot of writers. Are any of the experiences in Only One for Me based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Well…let’s see. The heroine, Yasmine Dubose was a first grade teacher in the prequel to Only One for Me (Simply Amazing). I taught first grade and kindergarten for ten years. Also, I’ve written education books under my real name just as Yasmine did. I experienced a heartbreaking break up that resulted in me guarding my heart and not letting anyone near it for a very long time. I became very dependent on me, bought a house with me, myself and I when I was 23 just as Yasmine did. I became focused on my career and my own happiness and even though I dated, I wasn’t looking for a commitment. Yasmine is probably the only heroine so far that has my same personality. The other heroines just have little bits of me or my split personality like my husband says.

So you are able to pull from real life to make real heartfelt stories. Is there a scene that stands out to you?When Yasmine and Cannon see each other for the first time after 12 years.

Looking back, what was your greatest challenge while writing this story? What would you change?

The love scenes. I wouldn’t change anything, but I would finish the shower scene that I started but I ended up getting stuck and scratched it. I’ll put it in another book. I could visualize it, but I couldn’t seem to type it out.

Trying to transform your visualizations into words isn’t always easy. Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

My critique partners and dear friends, AKA Charlie’s Angels, Delaney Diamond and Sharon C. Cooper are my support team outside of my family. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. I don’t think my writing career wouldn’t be where it was if it wasn’t for them. We brainstorm and bounce ideas off of each other all the time. We’re always very honest with each other about book ideas or scenes. If something sounds off or doesn’t make any darn sense, we will let each other know and find ways to change it.

Charlies Angels! I like that. There is nothing like having support from other writers.

What kind of books do you read in your spare time?

I read contemporary romance, paranormals, historicals, women’s fiction and chick lit.

What would you consider your guilty pleasure?

Reality TV shows, driving fast with the windows down and the sunroof open with music blasting, tiramusi, coffee, a glass of really good wine and shopping.

Not all at the same time, I hope! 😉 Ok, now tell me something that others would be surprised to know about you.

I’m very reserved and quiet but nowhere near shy.

Well since you’re not shy, you won’t mind telling us about your upcoming projects. 

I’m currently working on my first book for Harlequin Kimani Romance. For the readers that read The Game of Seduction, you met Megan Chase who was one of the twin cousins to the Arrington family. She owns a boutique interior decorating firm along with her best friend. I’m also going to try my hardest to work on the next book in the Arrington Family Series, Prescription for Desire, which is Dr. Raven’s book, at the same time. However, I’ve never had a real deadline before for a traditional publishing house so finishing the Kimani by the end of the August is top priority.

Congratulations on your publishing deal!! I look forward to see what the future holds for you. Thanks for stopping by today Candace!

You can find out more about Candace and her books one the following websites:

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