Olivia Linden interviews authors K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns to discuss Fateful Night (What She Knew Trilogy)

Today, I would like to welcome authors  Burns to discuss their new book,  Fateful Night, book one of the What She Knew Trilogy , and share a little insight on their writing partnership. First, let’s check out the blurb of Fateful Night!

Fateful Night

Did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide? Did someone get away with an elaborate plot to murder the famous sex goddess? On that “Fateful Night” in August 1962 find out what may have happened to her and why she was killed. Many argue that she was involved in way too many secrets from different factions of the world. She was a smart woman who could play the dumb blonde to attain her stardom yet she unwittingly learned of conspiracy plots and political threats that would not only end her life but that of the current president, John F. Kennedy.

In this fast paced suspense every major player of the early sixties is involved, from the world politicians, to the Rat Pack, to Hollywood, and the mafia. What if Marilyn Monroe had lived and what if what she knew could have saved JFK?
Fact or fiction? What if….

Ok, so I’m going to contain my intrigue over this book and ask about your partnership first. Writing can be tough for an author. As a duo, what did you find was your biggest hurdle?

Finding time to write together; with family and jobs writing the first one was mostly scheduling issues.

Did you learn anything new or interesting while writing this book together?

Yes, we did.  We learned lots about the Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroe as a person and the mob.  We also realized a truth we’d instinctively known for a long time.  Not only are we best friends – yin-yang- but also an excellent writing duo.  We absolutely love spending time together and we have a rhythm that is natural and easy to our writing.

I love a good duo! How did the two of you come together to write Fateful Night?

We both really love a good mystery.  T.L. did all the research for the books, and loves nothing more than to spend hours delving into volumes of material. The more complicated, the better.  K.R. loves to take the research and spin a web of mystery and intrigue dotted with red herrings all along the way!

Describe your writing style as a team.

Our novels are sparse in detail and rich in action and speech.  We believe everyone knows what an Italian restaurant looks like or the White House lawn.  People don’t always need a lot of flowery details to get the image in their heads.

Why write about Marilyn Monroe?

Our pat answer here is that everyone either wanted to be Marilyn Monroe or be with her.  She is a beloved Hollywood star that was unfortunately treated like she was a dumb blonde.  In reality she was extremely intelligent and kept a close eye on what was going on around her.

That is definitely a different image and little known fact about Marilyn. Where there any challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing this story to life? 

Not having enough time in the day to write all we’d like. People don’t understand that career authors have to research, discuss with the co-author and work out details; market themselves shamelessly; and be a social butterfly within the author/reader networks.  It isn’t instant and we don’t have tons of time to just lay around eating bons-bons or watching TV, lol!

You said a mouthful! My TV gave up and just watches me most of the time!

Was there any special inspiration behind this particular book?

For K.R. it has been her grandmother. She has always been her biggest fan and she’s the one who thought she could write the Regency Romances just as well as some of the other published authors.  As for T.L. she was brought in as chief researcher and is the head writer for all of the scripts that have been done from the novel version.

So about this title, intriguing and tell tale. How did you choose it? 

That was a tough one.  We struggled with it for a long time and then one day it just popped.  Marilyn Monroe was in the forefront of every known circle; political, Hollywood and even the mob.  She knew all kinds of secrets.  Perhaps it was What She Knew which caused her death. Just sayin’.

Is there a message that you are trying to tell with this novel? 

Not really but if they do happen to wonder if Marilyn Monroe was really murdered, well, we can’t help that now can we?

Nope, I wouldn’t think so at all! lol

Tell me about your favorite scene in Fateful Night.

Okay, this may be a bit of a spoiler alert though.  We both just love the scene where Marilyn attends her own funeral!!

Love it! I always wonder if any (or many) celebrities have do that to go back to a normal life. (Conspiracy Buff! lol)

I’d be interested to know what kind of books are on your bookshelf? What kind of books do you read in your spare time?


 We don’t have much spare time, between all the research that has to be done, reading for other authors, and shameless social networking; however, there is nothing like a good mystery book. Agatha Christie is one of our all time favorite authors.

 Yes, Ms. Christie is the Queen of mystery. Are there any new authors that have piqued your interest? 

There are several from Master Koda that we have grown fond of.  No names please, we love them all.

Very PC 🙂 Speaking of…. your family, who was your biggest supporter? 

Our publisher, Kim Emerson.

Do either of you see writing as a career? 

We both do now.

If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?

Funny you ask that.  We actually got a ‘do over’.  We wrote the pilot episode for J.J. Abrams, and decided we liked some of the action scenes in the script and added them to the re-release of the novel.  How blessed are we?

Any guilty pleasures you can share? 

Well, I don’t know if we should feel guilty for this, but we are both addicted to red velvet cupcakes from a certain bakery near us!!  Yummy, with a big glass of milk!

Oh, yum-mmy! How can you resist Red Velvet? 🙂

Tell me something that others would be surprised to know. 

That many people actually think we are twins, lol! We assume it’s because of the blond hair and that we spend all of our time together!

Guilty!! I will admit I thought the same thing. Oops!

Anything you want to tell your readers? 

It’s FICTION – she died.  Please don’t contact us and ask us where we’ve hidden her and what she’s doing now.  Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 – really. You’d be surprised the amount of mail we’ve gotten asking us ‘where is she now?’

That’s really funny!!  Next time you should tell them she’s on the same island with Elvis, Tupac and Biggie!! 😉

Well ladies, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I can’t wait to read Fateful Night!

Can you leave us with a parting gift?

Sure. Here’s an excerpt:

July 25, 1962

Joseph Kennedy tapped his finger on the desktop while he listened to the irate woman on the other end of the receiver.  When she finally took a breath Joe snagged his chance.

“Now see here! I know it needs to be done, but we must have patience.  Marilyn isn’t an easy target.”

“Well then,” the woman insisted, “either you take care of her or I will.”

Joe started to form a reply as the sound of the receiver slamming down and the buzzing of a dial tone droned in his ear.  He replaced the instrument in its cradle, scratching his head as he rose from his desk.


His secretary poked her head through the doorway.

“Get Sam on the phone.”

Frank stood in the casino holding a beautiful blonde on one arm and tossing dice onto a craps table with the other.  Laughing at his roll the woman stepped out of his grasp just as Sam Giancana walked up.

“Beat it doll,” Sam snapped.  She stared at him and gave Frank a lingering kiss before she left.

“Looks like you’re losing your touch there, Sam.” Frank grinned as he threw the dice over the line on the table.

Sam snarled. “Never mind about her.  We have business to attend to.” As the dice rolled to a stop the crowd clapped, and Frank made a mock bow as the chips were pushed toward him.

“Not now, I’m winning.” Frank gave the neatly folded orange handkerchief in the breast pocket of his tux a pat and winked at the mobster.

“Now.” Sam grabbed Frank by the lapels.

Frank looked down, took hold of Sam’s beefy hand and said, “Hands off the suit.”  Gathering up his chips one at a time, Frank said between clenched teeth, “This better be important.” Glaring at Sam, Frank pocketed the chips and followed him out of the Sands.

July 28, 1962

Marilyn sauntered over to her lover, current president, John F. Kennedy and rubbed her leg invitingly against him.  “Are you enjoying the party?” she whispered, giving his ear a caressing lick.

Marilyn smiled at Sam as he poured himself another highball and offered one to Frank.

“Mmm hmm, I am now,” Jack mumbled as his lips pressed her ear. He encircled her waist with one arm and pulled her onto his lap.

“Let’s go for a walk, lover, just you and me.” She kissed him long and deep, leaving the heady flavor of her martini tingling on his lips.

“Yes let’s.” He ran his hand up the side of her thigh before he allowed her to stand up.

Frank exchanged a glance with Sam as the couple left the room with arms tucked around each other in a cozy half embrace.

I know it’s fiction, but the real life correlation makes it that much more fun!

Thank’s for stopping by ladies! 

You can find out more about this daring duo via the links below. Be sure to get your copy of  What She Knew, I got mine! 


Blog: http://krhughestlburns.wordpress.com/

Buy here: http://dld.bz/c9a4K

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn


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