This week’s hero = Charles Ramsey

Kudos to Charles Ramsey, who rescued Amanda Berry and two other young girls who had been kidnapped in Cleveland, years ago.For the last year Charles was unaware that he lived next door to a kidnapper. I think sometimes we lose site of the simple little things with all the other distractions of “the world”. Mr. Ramsey could have been like many other people who have decided that we all need to mind our business. News Flash: What happens in our communities is our business. If your neighbor is a criminal, that is your business! Thank God that this man went with his gut and helped these poor women.

Watch Charles as he recants his experience to a reporter.

It wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t find any humor in this video…

:20 Charles is spooked by a loud noise

1:07 Charles is spooked by police sirens

1:40 “You got to have some big testicles to pull this off”

1:50 “I barbecued with this dude! We eat ribs! And what not… Listened to Salsa music.

2:19-2:21 #DEAD

2:25 “Bro, I knew something was wrong when a pretty little white girl, ran to a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway”

I’m just gonna ride out on that note…

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