Lil Dicky AKA Creative Genius

***Disclaimer: This post contains content that is graphic in nature. I don’t want to offend anyone so be warned!***

Going along with my Random Theme, I stumbled across this video today and I now adore it. I will admit that I have an interesting sense of humor, to say the very least, and I don’t offend easily. Lil Dicky is like the Weird Al of Rap, but on performance enhancing drugs!

At first, I was like blah blah blah, another spoof, but with over 2 million hits on youtube in two weeks, I had to investigate. (You know I’m a spy in my downtime) When I listened to his lyrics and caught the little gems of humor and rapping wizardry I was impressed, after I stopped laughing and wiped the tears from my eyes. For anyone who may question how I could possibly like this… Well, I will explain.

1. I love people who say the things that people think all of the time but won’t admit.

This song chronicles a situation where LD is has to deal with his feelings of inadequacy with his super hot girlfriend Katie, and then runs into her even hotter ex-boyfriend. (Who is that dude? Bazinga!)

He talks us thru his level of excitement at the prospect of having sex with his girl for the first time, to his disappointment when she ran into her ex and he had to postpone their sexy time to go have drinks with the Grecian God. Then, after discovering that this ex-boyfriend has the hugest penis he has ever seen, he decides he has to end it with Katie. He doesn’t think he can get over thinking that the worlds biggest penis has been inside of her. That seems legit. right?

2. His reaction to her ex.

Admitting his jealousy that this is the best looking guy he’s seen in his whole life.

3. His lyrics.

Even fully clothed, shorties a lot of fun, man.

She’s my Cutie 3.14 = awesomeness

He looks like Ashton mixed with a little Hugh Jackman
He’s so attractive so damn tan that he gotta have a lil black in him…

OH My God Becky look at that (insert male rooster here) LOL!

I’m staring at his soft D##K with lots of hate
This Dudes plus 8 like John and Kate
And I don’t know If I can date my girl after tonight. Oh Damn…

I’m looking closer and I think his d@@k has abs, six pack on my d##k. Now what the f@@k is that?

The physics of his d##k just don’t make sense

4. His visual theatrics mixed with his lyrics is hysterical to watch.

5. He’s got a dancing penis with six-pack abs in the video. How cool is that? Six pack on my….

6.In the end, his overactive imagination was wrong, this was Katie’s second grade boyfriend. She’s never seen the biggest penis in the world or the body of her smoking hot, Grecian God ex-boyfriend. They makeup and officially consummate their relationship for the first time. Now that’s a HEA for yo ASS.

7. I love creatively random people and things. I can’t help it, it’s who I am.

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