Too sexy for my cat?

If you’re a fan of the NBA, than you’ve heard about Jason Collins big announcement. He’s black and he’s gay. So what you ask? Funny, I asked the same thing. This story is all over the news and I think it’s silly. This shouldn’t be headline news. Like, am I supposed to believe he is the first gay NBA athlete? Well, I do not. Let’s talk about some real news.

Meta World Peace. Here is an interview of Meta after his quick return from an injury. Listen to why he says he was able to do this.

He is too sexy, for his cat. Now, THIS is news. When a grown, half-naked man tells the press that he returned six weeks early from a meniscus injury because he is “too sexy for his cat”, I think the world should hear about it. This makes you think. What does it all mean? If anyone can decipher this cryptic message from Mr. World Peace, please do. Clearly, I’m not enlightened enough to, which is weird because I did so well in physics. Any-who….

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