What about your friends?

Homie ❤

I was trolling or scrolling thru my Facebook page and I have to admit, I have some Really…Funny…Friends.
Not just people I have “friended”, but people I know and love. The best part is that I know they weren’t really trying to be funny, but this is just an example of what I get to see in my news feed. Oy Oy OY!!!

      *cues John P Kee to avoid going pure monkey paw in this joint*

      Now I like Don Omar as much as the next twenty-something non Hispanic female, but these kids have Danza Kuduro on REPEAT while they make paper bag puppets…

      Not sure how much longer I can last. Oy oy oy!

      I saw the ultimate in ratchetness this afternoon. I had to take my baby to the bathroom while we were in a local CVS. The bathroom was pleasantly clean. We went into the stall. Nothing out of the ordinary…..until I turned around to throw a tissue in the garbage….lo and behold mi see a USED douche in the garbage can!!! Who the, how the and why the HELL is ANY woman DOUCHING in a CVS bathroom??!!!?? Thoroughly disgusted I was….

      This where they videotape the sad people who will owe the govt. Remember, “Boo’d Up” is not a relationship status, yet.

      I think I may very well consider becoming an extreme couponer. I need to get $600 dollars worth of s#%t for only $1.25.

      I’m too blessed to be a hot ass, catastrophically disastrous mess.

      Free burrito bowl = best day ever

      Went to the Jamaican spot
      They ain’t have no curry
      Went to the Trini place
      They ain’t have no curry
      I ain’t got no curry
      I ain’t got no curry

      #OnlyMe I pull into Walgreen and some older woman with some gold teef says, “when you come out, can I get a ride with you?” Absolutely not

      How am I supposed to… vs. Howom spose to…

      I feel like I’m getting jerked.. I think I’m too generous.. Matter fact I kno I am… I’m gonna spaz out soon.. Its been Long enough.. Idk if its tonight tmrw next week… But imma go in.. No violence jus straight trippin.. Lot of shyt I aint feeln goin on..

      Muffins in the Window: The act of a woman exposing her breasts; also referred to as cleavage or flashing

      You’re welcome

      Have any random funny business you want to share?

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