Curiosity hurt my elbow!

Le Pink Panther

This is a totally random post about a very random event. I’m on my laptop (well using it) type type typing away and my doorbell rings. This is very strange for several reasons;

1. It’s 1:30am
2. I live in a gated community
3. No one comes by unannounced, because they know I don’t answer my doorbell
4. Did I mention it was 1:30am? Oh, ok.

So I sit there hoping my creative juices are running so wild that I can actual hear the ideas in my mind. No such luck. The bell rings again. Le Sigh. I walk out into the living room annoyed, and that compounds when I notice a blanket on the floor. My son has a very bad and severely annoying habit of using a blanket as a robe and discarding it randomly throughout the house. I bypass the blanket robe and open the door to my porch, but not my front door.

Me: “Who is it?” Slightly polite but pissed tone.
Guest: Officer Blah
Me: Ok… (clearly confused)
OFC B: Is ‘insert strange name here’ in there
Me: Ummm (‘insert strange name here’? Who the…wtf..oh my neighbor ‘insert strange name here’!) No, his unit is blah blah blah
OFC: Ok thanks (talks into radio)
ME: Is everything ok?????
OFC: Yes Maam.

And he walks away. That’s it??? No sorry… no everything is under control… Well of course now i’m intrigued because this neighborhood is super quiet, but recently a few strange things have been occurring. Annnnnndddd, I wanna know what’s going on with ‘insert strange name here’. I peek out my window and see another cop car pull up and then what looks like a swat truck?????? But, I can’t really see, so I decide to turn off all the lights in an effort to spy incognito.

This is the most excitement I’ve had all week. Sad, yes, but whatever. The last light is off and I’m all set to resume my duty as nosey neighbor. I take one step but instead of the floor my foot lands on something bulky but slippery and I go tumbling to the ground. Yes, it was a tumble because I literally did a stop drop and roll like move. The cursed blanket robe! I laugh in spite of my mental note to wake the boy up ten minutes early for this, and get up. I kick the meddling blanket and head towards the window. I’m on a misson darn it!

Well sadly, nothing exciting happened. After standing around for a while the officers all got back in their respective cop mobiles and drove off. I will admit that I felt utterly silly once I was back infront of my laptop, realizing that I just wasted thirty minutes of prime writing time to be the worlds worst peeping tom. And my elbow hurts!

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