Holding out…..

      So its football season again (finally) and it’s a scrambled start to the  season due to the lockout. So, you mean to tell me that in this economy, with the debt ceiling being raised into the gazillions and life as we know it crumbling all around us, our beloved professional sports players are feeling underpaid? Am I supposed to believe that the only thing I’ve been looking forward to all year, besides Christmas, was almost canceled because my favorite football player needed more millions? Really? No, seriously? 

Do they even live in the same world that I do? Here I am, far from a millionaire, barely getting my annual raise on an annual salary, far from a million dollars, and my favorite Sunday pastime is being held up due to mo-money problems. Mr. Football was holding out. Getting paid millions to do what most people do on the weekends for fun isn’t enough.
 It really seems outrageous until I really think about it. Its society. Everybody is holding out, waiting for that bigger, better, whatever to come along. There is a bigger, better job, a bigger, better phone, a bigger, better girl/boyfriend, and so on. Everyone thinks they are the best that ever did whatever it is they do. Are people really living, or are they just waiting around for that “big thing” to come knocking on the door? Does the Publishers Clearinghouse also cover jobs, and relationships too? I can’t get what I paid for. I can’t  even get good customer service, and now I can’t get my football???… Damn!!!! But, I digress.
 I mean, I love you Mr. Football, but I will watch someone else until you get that money you feel you deserve. Mr. Soccer is looking pretty good right about now. Shoot, I might even fall in love. I mean its not like you’re playing as hard as your predecessors, lets just be real. When was the last really great football season anyways?

9 thoughts on “Holding out…..

  1. Yea soo pretty much your snappin, but its True and the only thing you can do about it is continue your daily repetition, watching the millions get thrown in the air while your boss watches u slave for your nxt " paycheck " so we call it or take a week off from work and focus on doing something that will make you your very soon to come million. Your intellectual, hardworking , beautiful, funny, daring , outspoken etc. Hearing what you have to say is like watching a movie, if you WROTE A BOOK id deff but my .00002 % of a million to cop it :))

  2. You just said a mouth full. People really are still living in a fantasy world, especially these athletes. I understand some of the sports are dangerous, and one injury can cost you you life/future, but at what point is it enough? It's also our fault. The more we are willing to spen for that wonderful passtime enjoyment, the more they have the right to holdout for 'more'.Well, the world is in a crisis, and it's later than we think. So my suggestion; Wake-up, everybody!

  3. @ EllaGLater is what some are waiting for but they missed the memo that what happens now still counts.And taking time off to actually reflect on and improve self would be beneficial to us all:)

  4. Unfortunately, for most of us (myself included) it would take more than a week to accomplish much that would be tangible : ) I used to wonder what I'd do, that first day after a million plus windfall, and the days after. What would change? How much would be enough? I'd pay off this and that, give some away, put some people through school, get a crazy, impractical car…move into something grand more befitting my new "station." The next step reveals what wouldn't change: I still would have 24 hours in a day, my family and friends to love if I'm lucky (nothing like sudden money to find out who the ones who really love you are, right?) and I would still be me, just with more money. I guess I'd spend my 24 in different ways – travel, write a book, make art (things, btw, I could do now, really, if I took the time), make love (some things you make time for, no matter the money sitchinario). But the world would still intrude: part of the new time would go to wondering if I need more security, to Mr. IRS, to news of Mr. Football and his excess, a sickness, a drought…zombies. So corny as this sounds, I've found that since the likelihood of nouveau richeness is probably not written in my stars, I need to try to enjoy the work I do, the wonderful people I know, the things I do, however small. Even doing the dishes or scrubbing a toilet would hold some appeal if I physically couldn't do them. And since I can't get away with not doing them, I might as well find something to like about it! : ) Ok, the toilet scrubbing maybe not, but you get my gist.

  5. I totally agree with learning to enjoy life now windfall or no windfall 🙂 The unfourtunate part is the sickness and the zombies. The people on the fence who dont want to move and try to hold you back too. Im still learning about people, life and myself everyday so im not trying to preach, but sometimes…..

  6. Ack…just realized I sounded preachy. I didn't mean to. I agree – real life zombies and scared selfish people trying to hang on tend to suck the joy out of life. So I meant to say, if one practices finding happiness it can give one more energy, etc, to continue.

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