Letting go…..

“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”

Being honest with yourself can be the hardest thing to do. We love to get others to “admit” and tell us the truth, but we can’t even admit to ourselves when we are wrong. We try to ignore our inner voice and move through certain situations with an air of blindness. We know when its time to move on from a person, or a relationship, but we find all sorts of excuses and reasons to “hang in there”. There is a thin line between between being tenacious and suffering, or being patient and being stubborn and there is nothing to be gained or no credit earned for self-inflicted suffering. If your needs are not being met, your desires are not fulfilled and your heart is shrinking instead of swelling how long is long enough time to wait for change?

What’s worse is the thought of walking away and perhaps seeing that person love someone else the way we wanted. But really, it’s worse to stay and wait in a perpetual state of hope swirled with disappointment. You know deep down inside…

If the vision of happiness can be accepted without the blanks filled in, then maybe it would be easier to let go of anything that clouded it. If the “love” your holding onto does not match your vision, goals, dreams, or desires then it’s holding you back.

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