I Gotta A Big EGO!!

So yeah, I have a big ego. I’ve been trying to put it on a diet for a while now.

Sometimes you have to recognize when your Ego is leading you. My Ego has gotten me into trouble a time or two…. It sometimes stirs things up just for the sheer entertainment, but has no regard for any consequences. It demands attention, but has no plan after that want has been satisfied. I personally believe that we are responsible for our own emotional well being. I do, however care about peoples feelings. My Ego does not. My Ego laughs at the emotions of others and then asks for a hug. My Ego does not love you, and only likes you when it’s bored. My Ego gives you attitude because you didn’t call, and ignores you when you do. My Ego sticks it tongue out at those who don’t acknowledge it. Bad Ego! I’ve been working on a kinder gentler ego. I need to work it out, get it back in shape. There is nothing wrong with a good healthy EGO.

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