The Deluxe package!

Dating is hard. Being single in today’s world has to be comparable to being a traveling salesman in the 50’s. Trying to weed thru the masses to find someone you can strike some common ground with leaves you exhausted and familiar with too many strangers. Dating after being married is insane. It’s hard to be the “light hearted” mingler when you have ever experienced the togetherness of matrimony. As a woman, I know what men like and I know how to take care of a man, but I have to scale back because everyone you date can’t get the “Deluxe”. Now for me there are two types of Deluxe packages. The first one includes; home cooked meals, massages and foot rubs after a long day, planning special outings, and doing all sorts of thoughtful things. Now you may receive one or two of these on occasion, but not all on a regular basis. That’s not for the “just friends” or “dating” status. You have to be special for all of that. The other Deluxe package includes more “intimate” activities. Besides the fact that a special man deserves more than others, but some flat out can’t handle it. I’ve been stalked. It’s not flattering. But, I digress… šŸ™‚

It’s hard for me to hold in my true nature until I can determine a man’s true intentions. Some people can pretend a long time, and some men just take forever to decide they want to make a choice or make that next step. In the meantime he really isn’t getting the real me. More like a watered down version. I may take a few sips of a weak ass drink, but I won’t enjoy it as much as that top shelf cocktail. So what do I do?

I have decided to try to be a more proactive dater. You can’t be too aggressive, but you can’t sit back and just take whatever is thrown out either. You also can’t expect 100% when your holding out on 45% yourself. So this year is all about just being myself and not dating anyone who hinders that in anyway. We all have our fears, hang-ups, ex’s we just can’t quite forget, and various other issues. If you can’t get over your ish to take a chance on something that’s real and feels right then deuces! I may be compassionate, and sympathetic. I can relate to being hurt or even brokenhearted, but I’m not a therapist.

What I’ve found so far is that either people don’t really now what they want, or I have come across a lot of liars. But that’s OK. You get three months and then I’m rollin out. You can catch up when your ready to deal with the Deluxe!

3 thoughts on “The Deluxe package!

  1. Make it work for you girl! But seriously there is too much going on to not be selective. And even then you may still get duped. The deception, games, and just lack of integrity in people is so great. Pray. It's all we can do!

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